Sunday, September 20, 2009

My New Little Guy

Isn't he precious? I can't get enough of him all his little features. You can still see his dry, flaky skin from beeing "overcooked."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

family of SIX.

Despite being 9 months pregnant (sitting on a towel in their car just in case my water broke), I had a lot of fun with the Huntington family. First we drove to Brunnen, Switzerland - one of my favorite places - to get some shots of the mountains. We got some of that, but my favorite ended up being this one with their barefeet hanging over the dock. We only got in a little bit of trouble for being on private property ;).

Since they were moving back to the states in one week, Angela wanted some pictures of their family in their neighborhood. I loved this idea. And how cool is it that hey live in such a picturesque spot?

It was a photographer's dream: old barns, wood piles, gorgeous flowers, farm equipment, beautiful views, animal SWISS.

Alex the funny one, he had me laughing a lot
Emma the model
I loved this pic, so I had to put in two pics of Emma. She loves horses.

JoJo, the fiesty one

Sam, Mr. Cool

The lovebirds

Barn door storyboard: It's no fun unless someone gets dirty