Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Noah

At five weeks old, little Noah was an angel. He was born prematurely and was still smaller than my babies! What a darling boy with such beautiful parents. Awake or asleep, baby Noah was so fun to photograph. Congrats Simone & Jean Pierre!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Lyla

Little Lyla was only a week old when we took these photos and you could just smell her newness. I loved it! She was so sleepy and peaceful...when we weren't "torturing" her. :) Cory loves his little girl so much he hardly minded when she peed all over him.

Great grandma's bowl with grandma's handmade blanket. I love using meaningful props.

She's already learned how to get her way in this world

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lexi & Maddie

These 3 month old twins were so great to work with, they are so gorgeous AND blemish free. However, we could not get them to crack a smile. We'll get them for sure next time. With twins it can mean twice the time shooting and these two did great.

I love Lexi's face in this one!

Are you sure you are ready for round two, Stephanie?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My New Little Guy

Isn't he precious? I can't get enough of him all his little features. You can still see his dry, flaky skin from beeing "overcooked."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

family of SIX.

Despite being 9 months pregnant (sitting on a towel in their car just in case my water broke), I had a lot of fun with the Huntington family. First we drove to Brunnen, Switzerland - one of my favorite places - to get some shots of the mountains. We got some of that, but my favorite ended up being this one with their barefeet hanging over the dock. We only got in a little bit of trouble for being on private property ;).

Since they were moving back to the states in one week, Angela wanted some pictures of their family in their neighborhood. I loved this idea. And how cool is it that hey live in such a picturesque spot?

It was a photographer's dream: old barns, wood piles, gorgeous flowers, farm equipment, beautiful views, animal SWISS.

Alex the funny one, he had me laughing a lot
Emma the model
I loved this pic, so I had to put in two pics of Emma. She loves horses.

JoJo, the fiesty one

Sam, Mr. Cool

The lovebirds

Barn door storyboard: It's no fun unless someone gets dirty

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double Take

I have been SO excited for these twin boys to be born! Liam & Dominic are my friend's little newborns. I got to do the shoot when they were about a month old. Here are my favorites of them together.

This was my first twins newborn shoot and I found it to be more challenging than expected. It's enough work trying to keep one baby asleep - but TWO! Dominic decided he didn't want to cooperate most of the time, but luckily, we managed to get some good shots of him/them regardless. Even though they were still really small, I wish I could have gotten them at 6 days instead of 6 weeks because when they are SO new, they sleep ALL the time. I'm looking forward to that time with my own baby boy - coming soon!

Three Month Old Alea

I love this baby's dark hair and bright blue eyes. She reminds me of my little girl when she was this age: stunning, spunky with lots of edible rolls! I love the way her room was decorated too. Her mom, Kasey, bought a bunch of darling reusable diapers, but as it turns out, they're way cuter than they are functional! So I bought a few off her to use in future shoots.

Monday, June 1, 2009

One Year Old Kylin

This little darling came over to my house to do the shoot with her mom and brother. My daughter played with her brother while mom and I tried to keep the tears back. At first, it seemed she would cry as soon as the camera was in front of her! We soon figured out that with some Gerber's snacks, she was happy as could be in no time. It was fun to see her sweet personality come out and she hammed it up for me. I'm sad they'll be leaving Switzerland so soon! Best of luck, guys.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fields of Flowers

I love this time of year in Switzerland. The rolling, green hills covered in yellow flowers just make my heart sing. I've been wanting to get some shots of my daughter playing in these fields and yesterday, I finally got the chance. I've only edited a few so far, so this is just a taste. These are all done with a vintage feel but I'll post more with natural colors later. 

The farmers have already started mowing down these fields in some areas, so if you want pictures of your kids with the flowers, call me and we'll find a place with flowers a plenty.