Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Best Friends' BROTHER'S Wedding...

Being back in Salt Lake has its perks - weddings! The Salt Lake Temple has SO many photo opportunities and I found myself wanting to take all day taking pictures. Luckily for Melissa & Anthon, I didn't do that to them. My friend Jenny met me at the temple and together we took almost 1,000 pictures. It was also fun that she spoke German as well, and we were able to easily communicate with Melissa's family. How nice was it to double team this!? Awesome.

They both looked stunning and giddy - I wish them a happy marriage. Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations guys!

Baby A

Baby A was supposed to come 4 weeks later than he arrived. If that were the case, you might be seeing MODEST pictures of his birth. But since his mommy was on vacation up North and I was on vacation in the West, here are his newborn shots, 5 weeks later. He's still such a little newborn, smaller than any of my babies! He was such a good sleeper, slept the whole time! 

Here are a few shots of my favorite shots that I edited tonight...now off to bed!

Does big sister get any cuter? Forget a kiss, a clear shot of the owie is all you're getting.

Okay, fine. I'll give him a sweet kiss.

"...curled up snug in your water bed..." (Baby Beluga by Raffi)

Getting back into the swing of things...to keep shooting or not to keep shooting, is that even a question?