Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Best Friends' BROTHER'S Wedding...

Being back in Salt Lake has its perks - weddings! The Salt Lake Temple has SO many photo opportunities and I found myself wanting to take all day taking pictures. Luckily for Melissa & Anthon, I didn't do that to them. My friend Jenny met me at the temple and together we took almost 1,000 pictures. It was also fun that she spoke German as well, and we were able to easily communicate with Melissa's family. How nice was it to double team this!? Awesome.

They both looked stunning and giddy - I wish them a happy marriage. Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations guys!

Baby A

Baby A was supposed to come 4 weeks later than he arrived. If that were the case, you might be seeing MODEST pictures of his birth. But since his mommy was on vacation up North and I was on vacation in the West, here are his newborn shots, 5 weeks later. He's still such a little newborn, smaller than any of my babies! He was such a good sleeper, slept the whole time! 

Here are a few shots of my favorite shots that I edited tonight...now off to bed!

Does big sister get any cuter? Forget a kiss, a clear shot of the owie is all you're getting.

Okay, fine. I'll give him a sweet kiss.

"...curled up snug in your water bed..." (Baby Beluga by Raffi)

Getting back into the swing of things...to keep shooting or not to keep shooting, is that even a question?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anthon & Melissa

This engagement session was so fun to shoot. I met Melissa for the first time and she is AMAZING. Her eyes light up a room, her laugh is contagious, and her smile is almost enough to bring about world peace. Melissa is German and Anthon, who is my friend's baby brother, served a mission in Germany. So, with my Schweizer-Deutsch (3 years in Zurich), I attempted to speak to them in German. It was fun. Aren't they a great couple!?

Can't wait to show you the wedding photos...coming soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hello clients, fellow photographers, family, fans, & friends. As many of you know, I have recently moved from Zurich, Switzerland to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Switzerland holds a special place in my heart and always will. This said, I would be open to coming back to the Zurich area for photoshoots if people are still interested. To do this, we would have to pool together several families/people and fill up at least 5-6 time slots at $250 per one hour session.

Send me an email if you are interested.

I just did a wedding for the first time in a long time, pictures to follow.

Thank you for your support and love, we are settled in our new home and I have some new photog toys to play with. So, life is good, even outside of CH.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Family

At Christmastime when we were in Salt Lake, I took my Sister-in-law's family pics. It was cold and there wasn't much landscape. We went over to Wheeler Farm and got some great pics. Spencer would NOT smile for anything so we took some individual shots of him later. I just saw them hanging up in her house this weekend and they look great. I was so thrilled to see my work printed. I can't wait to move into our new house and print some pics of the kids.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 Month Old Twins

I love these twin girls. They are just a month older than my little boy and double the trouble. I took their 3 month old photos at my place, but this time I went to their beautiful flat. I can't imagine having two of everything like they have! The girls are so different, and funny - when one smiles, the other is crying or sad. However, we managed to get some great pics.

Love this HAIR

Literally taken in their own backyard...Photos for a Swiss family!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

{M} Pregnancy

I hate to admit it, but this is my FIRST pregnancy photoshoot (maybe you can tell). It was snowy outside, so we decided to stay indoors. My beautiful friend Martina was a fabulous model, see for yourself. I hope all goes well with the delivery in a few days!

Aren't their girls beautiful?

Thursday, January 28, 2010


These are our good friends that live in Geneva. We went down to Geneva for the weekend and had a great time with them. Since Christmas was coming, Jessi wanted a family picture for their Christmas card. We drove to the beautiful town of Morges. This was the first setting and after taking only 10 photos, I said let's move to a different location. I showed Jessi the pictures and she said no need to take more, she liked this one. So it was the easiest shoot I've done. It also may have been the coldest to date. ;) You guys are what makes it so beautiful!

Swiss Family R

This family is such a beautiful family inside and out. I was so glad they were willing to bring their fun, red couch. As it turns out, their engagement pictures from 10 years ago were also taken on a red couch. Perfect. We had a lot of fun playing in the forest too. After the shoot, the kids were rewarded, getting to celebrate Halloween! There were lots more pictures that I loved, which I'll post when I get a chance.

Tara their Au Pair, who is such a doll


This is one of the most fun shoots I've done. It was an extended family affair with jokes, rain, music, laughs, tears...it was a photo party! A fun bunch of Aussies.

Tux needed an updated work photo

Aren't they a cute couple?

Such a confident, cute boy!

And the blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel

Two babies

Three generations of tough guys