Thursday, October 9, 2008

Danny & Rach

About a month ago, Erin and I met in Rapperswil to get the kids pictures taken. It's such a picturesque little town. With a little bribing, Danny and Rach put up with me for over an hour. I loved the door we put Rach in front of and how Danny is scratching his bug bite on his arm in half the shots! And I'm so glad Rach brought her pink scarf. It's so girly.


Likes Chocolate said...

What a precious moment caught with him whispering in her ear. I should have gotten you to have taken photos while I was there. If only I had more time there.

berrymom said...

I just found this blog of yours! I LOVE your header...did you make it yourself, or did you hire someone to do it? I am beginning a photography blog and am looking to get a logo of some kind. Also...I am currently taking "Evolve" from Sheye Rosemeyer. I am learning OODLES!! If you ever have the chance to take it, I highly recommend it. I will definitely be back to look here. Feel free to look in at if you want...just remember it is a work in progress!