Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fields of Flowers

I love this time of year in Switzerland. The rolling, green hills covered in yellow flowers just make my heart sing. I've been wanting to get some shots of my daughter playing in these fields and yesterday, I finally got the chance. I've only edited a few so far, so this is just a taste. These are all done with a vintage feel but I'll post more with natural colors later. 

The farmers have already started mowing down these fields in some areas, so if you want pictures of your kids with the flowers, call me and we'll find a place with flowers a plenty. 


SwissKT said...

Hi Jessica,

Just saw your picture on the XpatXchange, which led me here. Love love love the first photo and the vintage feel you have captured! (Also the giggle & explore pics from earlier.)

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say keep up the good work! Your photos are fabulous!

Jodi said...

found your site from a acomment you'd left elsewhere. this is an amazing shot. seems old and new at the same time. thanks for sharing your creativity